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Guest books

You can add a guestbook to any page simply by clicking on the appropriate checkbox on the Edit page Carrelet control page. This will enable people to write comments on your website, and can be used as the basis of a simple blogging site, where you post articles and invite people to discuss them using the guestbook.

You can remove a guestbook at any time by unticking the relevant checkbox. The data will be conserved, and can be displayed again at a later date. To delete a guestbook entirely, use the Remove guestbook entries option on the Carrelet control panel.

You can also merge the comments into your page body text using the Merge guestbook entries option. This can be useful if, for example, you want to preserve or comment upon a discussion. Once the guest book has been merged, it can be edited in the normal way.

It should be obvious that since anyone in the world can write in your guest book, you ought to check its content regularly.

Carrelet -> Support -> User Guide