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Password protecting your web pages

There are occasions on which you may wish to stop casual visitors from viewing certain accounts. If you are modifying the site, you may wish to keep visitors out until the work is finished. If you are launching a new product, you may wish to keep it a secret until after the launch date. Or you may wish to set up a 'member's' area, where private information can be stored. Carrelet provides a way to do this, using standard Apache htaccess directory protection.

To password protect an account, simply enter a password into the row of the Carrelet control panel labelled Make web site private using password. Once a password is set, this option will change to Make website public.

When you visit the private account, you will be prompted for a username and a password. The username is the id of the account, the password is whatever you typed in.

While this method of protection will keep out casual visitors, it should be noted that it is not considered to be totally secure. Valuable information such as credit card details should never be stored on any web site.

Carrelet -> Support -> User Guide