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Getting Started

This section covers the basics needed to connect to Carrelet and to use the navigation system.

Logging on

To connect to Carrelet, you need three pieces of information, which should have been given to you when you opened your account:

  1. Your entry point into Carrelet
  2. Your id
  3. Your password

If you do not have this information, please consult the person who opened your account. Then go to your entry point and click on the button labelled proceed to login page. This will take you to a form entitled Carrelet login page. Enter your id and password, and click on log in. This should take you to another page entitled Carrelet: Control Panel.

Using Carrelet

Carrelet is a collection of Perl scripts that enable you to edit your site via a web site. Any program of this type has to balance ease of use with security, so that legitimate users can make changes easily and other people cannot make changes at all!

Carrelet control pages are generated as you request them, in order to ensure that they always contain the latest information. For this reason, it is generally wise not to use the 'back' button on your browser, but to cycle through the Carrelet pages. If, for example, you delete a page, and then go backwards through your page cache to a page that was created before the deletion, you are likely to end up editing or deleting the wrong page!

Carrelet control pages are timestamped, and are only valid for a limited time. This is to prevent someone else from calling up one of the pages from the browser cache at a later date and using it to change your site. However, it also means that if you spend too long working on one page,Carrelet will refuse to accept the changes, and you will have to log in again. To avoid this, click on modify every ten minutes or so (this also effectively saves your work).

If for whatever reason you are ever confronted by a page too old message, you can recover any text you have entered by clicking on 'back' to return to the old page, copying the text out of the box (mark the text and then press ctrl-c on most systems), logging back in and pasting the text into the appropriate box.

Carrelet produces static pages. In other words, the site is written onto the server's hard disc as a series of files, and Carrelet's database is not used when the pages are visited. This has a number of advantages, including shorter page names and much lower server overheads (read 'faster web sites'), but it does mean that you need to specificially reload pages when you make changes. The 'reload' button of your browser should do this. If not, try ctrl-reload, or turn off your page cache. Web site proxies may also cause problems in this respect.

Where next?

When you first log in, the only option available is to configure the global settings of the site (Cliquez ici). Once you have done this, the other options will appear.

Carrelet -> Support -> User Guide