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The aim of the Carrelet User Guide is to provide a detailed and structured description of each aspect of the system from the end-user's point of view. Other forms of documentation are available on the main Carrelet support page (Cliquez ici).


  1. Getting Started covers the basics needed to connect to Carrelet and to use the navigation system.
  2. Globals covers the globals settings, ie settings that affect the whole account, and includes a presentation of the Carrelet theme model.
  3. Pages covers the settings for individual pages, and includes an explanation of each of the Carrelet page types and the commands that can be used on them.
  4. Images covers uploading logos, as well as the image library and text-based commands for inserting images.
  5. Email forms covers... email forms.
  6. Guest books covers... guest books.
  7. Referencing covers the use of account and page settings to control meta-tags, which are mainly used by search engine robots.
  8. Multiple accounts covers issues relating to larger sites consisting of several Carrelet accounts.
  9. Private Directories covers the password protection of Carrelet accounts.
Carrelet -> Support -> User Guide