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Connecting to Carrelet

To connect to Carrelet, you need three pieces of information, which should have been given to you when you opened your account:

  1. Your entry point into Carrelet
  2. your id
  3. your password

If you do not have this information, please consult the person who opened your account. Then, using your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera...), go to your entry point and click on the button near the bottom of that page labelled proceed to login page. This will take you to a form entitled Carrelet login page.

Enter your id and password, and click on log in. This should take you to another page entitled Carrelet: Control Panel.


If you get an error message when trying to log in, the most likely reason is that you have entered your username and/or password incorrectly. Here are some things to check:

If problems consist, consult the person who opened your account.

Carrelet -> Support -> Tutorial