Potential users

Carrelet is of potential benefit to a number of different cartegories of user:

First-time webmaster

Setting up your first website can be a daunting task. You need to arrange hosting, install your authoring software, work out how to connect to the server, and then there are all the traps for the unwary of broken links, unwieldy image filesm browser compatibility issues...

Carrelet takes care of all these issues. Point your browser at one of our websites, type in your username and password, and you are ready to start editing your site. Changes take effect immediately, and if you decide after creating 20 pages that you want to change the page layout or the colour scheme, all it takes is half a dozen mouse clicks. And as your confidence grows you can use the more advanced features of Carrelet to make your site look even better!

Adventurous teacher

Instead of pinning the latest class project to the wall, where no-one will ever see it, why not publish it on the Internet? Carrelet lets your students concentrate on the content, rather than getting lost in the detail of HTML and FTP. You can pool images in a central database, and split the project into bite-sized chunks, each protected by a separate password.

Busy businessman

Getting your website online is one thing, keeping it up to date is quite another. Paying someone to do the updates soon gets expensive, and you have other ways to spend your time. But you know that nothing looks worse than a website that is obviously out of date...

Carrelet enables you to keep up with the corrections yourself. Instead of typing up the text to send to your webmaster, why not type it directly onto the site? Simple blocks of text can often be cut and pasted from a wp document. And because the changes appear at once, you can publish those small bits of up-to-the-minute news that make a website come alive.

Grassroots organisation

Does your organisation have many small teams in different parts of the world? Your supporters need to hear from them, but getting all the information to a central point always causes a bottleneck. Some teams want to start their own websitesm but you are afraid that this will result in a fragmented and inconsistent presentation of your organisation.

Carrelet enables you to organise a large number of 'mini-sites' into one hierarchical structure with consistent navigation and appearance. You can let each team maintain its own part of the site, and manage other parts centrally. You can even include sections in different languages! And it is a simple matter to change the structure of the site as your organisation evolves.