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No answers yet, but here are some of the questions:

Why is there no 'HTML to Formatted Text' or 'RTF to Formatted Text' option?

Doesn't a server-based web authoring system like Carrelet mean that you have to spend hours connected to the Internet?

What's the point of the page timeout 'feature'?

Why don't you use the 'expire' meta-tag to protect your pages?

I've been told that my Carrelet account has been opened, but when I try to look at my site I get a 'file does not exist' message.

Why can't end users edit the page templates?

Why can't I design my own colour scheme?

Why can't I set the language or character set on a page by page basis?

How do I move a page?

Why can't I create a blank page?

I added a page after page 2, and then there were two page 3s! What is going on?

Why can't I modify images once I have uploaded them?

Why can't I delete images from the shared library?

Why isn't there more error checking?

Why is it called Carrelet?

Didn't you know that flat fish have two eyes on the dorsal surface?

Carrelet -> Support -> Frequently Asked Questions